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The data doesn’t lie – the importance of data-driven recruitment

Thinking back to when I first started in recruitment, some 10 years ago now, I was naive to say the least.  I was very much in awe of my unbelievably experienced colleagues who made it all look so easy.  They worked with such flair, they were captivating and they were relentless, everything good recruiters are.  […]

Face-to-face recruitment events: are they making a comeback?

Before the pandemic, the recruitment team attended a lot of face-to-face events and the turnout was quite successful however due to Covid-19 these had to stop and these events had to become virtual. I joined during the pandemic so I was not able to attend any of the face-to-face events.  The virtual events that I […]

The importance of a great workplace culture

Group of business persons handshake in the office

Before joining LAT, this year I graduated from University with a first-class – one of my proudest achievements. One of the main skills that university taught me is how to manage and organise my time. You mostly have to set your own schedule, with most days only consisting of two or three hours of classes. […]

Professional relationships with our Principals

Two professionals shaking hands

Building strong relationships with our academy Principals is absolutely essential for the effective running of recruitment at Leigh Academies Trust. With them being the leaders of the academies we recruit for, we have constant communication with them to determine their needs and recruit accordingly. This involves daily or weekly communication with them either via phone […]

Are we in or out… (of the office)?

A video meeting on a laptop

In March 2020, everything in the world of work changed. Being accustomed to a vibrant, chatty and energetic office, we were suddenly sent home! We packed up our desks and grabbed a few notepads, pens and highlighters… we scurried out to our cars and said our goodbyes. There was so much uncertainty and panic and […]