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Professional relationships with our Principals

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Building strong relationships with our academy Principals is absolutely essential for the effective running of recruitment at Leigh Academies Trust. With them being the leaders of the academies we recruit for, we have constant communication with them to determine their needs and recruit accordingly. This involves daily or weekly communication with them either via phone […]

Are we in or out… (of the office)?

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In March 2020, everything in the world of work changed. Being accustomed to a vibrant, chatty and energetic office, we were suddenly sent home! We packed up our desks and grabbed a few notepads, pens and highlighters… we scurried out to our cars and said our goodbyes. There was so much uncertainty and panic and […]

Climbing the recruitment career ladder, one rung at a time

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After completing my A Levels in 2017, I didn’t quite know what career I wanted to pursue. Leaving school and heading into the working world was daunting, so when I came across an apprenticeship position I knew that this was the perfect opportunity for me. This meant that I was able to learn, develop new […]

Starting a new job during Covid-19… my experience of joining LAT

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Working from home in a job you know inside out is hard enough during Covid-19, however starting a whole new career during lockdown was definitely a challenge I did not expect to come across! I interviewed for my role with Leigh Academies Trust in January 2021 where it was still remote working. I was unsure […]

Why we need to fully utilise the Teacher Vacancy website, despite the ambiguity of what we can post!

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Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! Whether you have a general interest in Leigh Academies Trust, or you work in the recruitment sector like myself, I’d like to welcome you to read my first blog post! To give some context, I am a Recruitment Administrator for Leigh Academies Trust and I help to recruit […]