The Importance Wellbeing at Work

Supporting wellbeing and mental health is incredibly important to us as a Trust; we have dedicated staff such as Mental Health First Aiders, Wellbeing Leads and SENCOs that do an amazing job to provide support, or just be there to listen if needed. We ensure that all of our staff and students are aware of who these people are within each academy, if they do need to talk.

We are also enrolled in the Healthy Minds Programme which supports our staff to help our students with initiatives that enhance mental health and wellbeing so that they can reach their full potential, within education and life in general.

The Trust Thrive Team updates staff throughout the year with wellbeing advice, support and courses that are available to all staff if they are in need of 1-2-1 support. 

We also feel it is essential that our staff are able to access healthcare when they need it.  Earlier this year, LAT partnered with BHSF to provide a private GP service – an alternative option when staff are not able to get access to their local GP.

The service is open to all staff and immediate family/dependents.  Key benefits are as follows:

  • Convenience: You can speak to a GP at any time of the day or night, from wherever they are in the world
  • Peace of mind: Any medical issue can be discussed in confidence with a GP
  • Choice: You have the option to speak over the phone or use the video consultation service
  • Quality: All of the doctors are GMC registered, licenced and fit to practice

Trust staff can also make use of the Educational Support Partnership; a service that provides a variety of wellbeing support, including a free counselling service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Whilst we’re a proactive organisation in terms of how we approach mental health at work, there’s still more we can do and we’re always adding to our services.  We hope other organisations, both in and outside of the education sector, do the same to ensure the active/prospective workforce has access to support in whatever capacity they may need it.


Written by: Sonia Kendall (Head of HR Operations & LAT Wellbeing Lead)