Support our Recruitment Team by helping us to find excellent staff and make a referral today.

Referring a candidate is easy; click the button above to complete our brief online form and help us expand our network of great professionals. 

For every successful referral made, LAT employees are eligible to receive a reward which can be claimed in one of the following ways:

  • Amazon vouchers 
  • Bluewater vouchers
  • Money invested into your team/department 
  • Donation to a charity of your choice

Even if you are not currently employed by LAT, you can still make full use of the scheme; all of the above options apply to the value of £100. You can confirm your choice of reward using the referral form.

Job type

Reward amount*

Trainee teachers, teachers, leaders


Facilities Assistant (Caretakers)


Teaching assistants, Early years assistants


Technicians (science or D&T)


*Note: the difference in referral reward between teaching and support roles has no bearing on how LAT value different employee groups.  Rather, it is a reflection of the difference in the average cost per hire between the varying job types.

Terms and conditions

  • You must complete the referral form before the candidate applies for or interviews for a position within the Trust, otherwise it will be considered a recommendation as opposed to a referral
  • The referred candidate cannot be currently or previously employed by any Leigh Academies Trust academy, or head office
  • The individual who is making the referral to LAT must obtain prior consent from the candidate before passing their details to the Recruitment Team
  • Candidate details supplied to us will only be used by the LAT Recruitment Team and not passed onto any third parties
  • Any referred candidate to LAT must be ‘unknown’ to us and not feature in any existing candidate database, or have applied to or worked for the Trust previously
  • A successful referral is defined as a candidate who is offered a position, accepts and starts employment with the Trust
  • You will receive your reward following the referred candidate’s successful completion of one month in post
  • Referrals are unlimited and can be made at any time, either for a current vacancy or to join our talent pool for the future
  • You cannot refer yourself (unfortunately!)
  • Vouchers will be issued once the appointed candidate has started in their new role at LAT for a minimum of 4 weeks
  • You can benefit from the higher reward amount once your contract has been signed within the Trust. Please note this reward will not be issued until you have commenced employment with us.
  • Any candidate that has been referred should, where possible, respond to us within 1 month of us reaching out to discuss their requirements. If contact is made on multiple occasions with no response from the candidate, the referral will be void
  • Financial rewards will be offered for specific positions which changes from time to time. Candidates referred for roles outside of these positions can still be referred, but no financial incentive will be offered.