Yes, you can submit a CV along with an application form.  However, as long as the application form is filled out in detail and you have included all relevant information, a CV isn’t essential.

Yes, please. A complete application form allows us to compare each candidate fairly. If there is a question you are unsure of, then please contact the Recruitment Team for further advice.

You can register to join our Talent Pool and let us contact you when a suitable role becomes vacant.  As part of our talent community, we will let you know of any special events occurring within the Trust and will keep in touch to see how you are getting on from time to time.

Once we receive your application it is reviewed by the relevant shortlisting panel.  We encourage our hiring managers to work efficiently and shortlist within 3-5 working days of a vacancy closing, at which point we inform all candidates whether they will be invited for an interview. 

Yes, you can.  Using our applicant tracking system, you can login and view all of your past/current applications as well, and the status of each.   

Yes, you can.  However, take some time to look through your original application and consider whether you included enough information and made it clear for the hiring managers why you are right for the role.  If not, make sure you elaborate on this and use the opportunity to tell us about your skills and experience.  Using the applicant tracking system, you can easily copy a previous application but make changes to it before submitting it for an alternative role.    

Absolutely! We welcome applications from early career teachers to more experienced teachers for all our teaching roles, unless otherwise specified in the advert. We are proud of the many teachers who have joined the Trust as newly qualified teachers before progressing to become great teachers and key members of our leadership teams.

Working for a Multi-Academy Trust

Moving to an academy or Trust has a huge number of advantages. The main one is that you get to work in a collaborative environment with other academies, all of which have considerable autonomy. Our increased flexibility means that our principals can direct funding in a way that best meets the needs of the students.  As a member of staff, you also benefit from greater opportunities for professional development and promotion, as we encourage movement between our academies to give you broader work experience.

Like most multi-academy trusts, we have made a decision to pay our teachers in line with the Standard Pay and Conditions Document and to award increases in line with national levels. The only difference is that we award increases for teachers on the upper pay spine every year (for six years) rather than every two years.  Most of our terms and conditions relating to absence and leave are in line with national standards.  With regard to pensions, your pension is exactly the same with the Trust as it would be with a local authority; either Teachers’ Pension Scheme or Local Government Pension Scheme for non-teaching employees.

No, we are building a Trust that is very different to the way that others operate. Firstly, we do not aim to be the biggest or to be a national organisation; instead remaining focused on establishing four strategic clusters, all within an easy commute of each other, in Northwest Kent, Central Kent, Medway and South-east London. The advantage of this approach is that all of our academies can work together and share resources easily. It also means that our Trust support teams can provide the relevant HR, Finance, Estates, IT and Governance assistance necessary to help our academies run smoothly and efficiently.