Trainee Stories

We are incredibly proud of the hundreds of trainees who have achieved their Qualified Teacher Status while at our academies over the years.  Read on to hear how they found the teacher training experience and the advice they offer… 

I have loved how the course allows you to learn on the job, and how the training/support runs consistently throughout the entire year so you’re always learning. At the beginning of the year I found the workload quite heavy but with the help of my mentors to work smarter rather than harder, I’ve learned how to manage everything. The most rewarding part of the course is seeing how my students have progressed over the year. Some Year 7 students had never studied Science exclusively in primary school and to see their excitement and develop their interest in the subject was very rewarding. After a whole year in the classroom and after all my training sessions, I feel very confident going into my NQT year. The support from my mentors at my academy and KMT has allowed me to start my journey to become an outstanding teacher.

Science Trainee Teacher

I first came across LAT at a teacher recruitment fair; from the very beginning I felt a sense of being welcomed into something akin to a family by everyone I encountered which definitely helped with the nerves of starting on a new career path. The training year was hard… there is so much to learn, and juggling the responsibilities you have in school and as a student can be a challenge. Finding the right work/life balance is crucial and there is always someone, be it in the school, tutors or fellow trainees who will be there to give you the support you need. I am now starting my NQT year… time really does fly when you are having fun and when I witness those ‘WOW’ moments from my students, it acts as a reminder of why I do what I now do every day. Believe in yourself and believe in your students… the rest will come.

Primary Trainee Teacher

I have worked at two schools within the Leigh Academies Trust over the years in various roles and I had been working at Wilmington Academy for four years as a Science Technician before deciding to start teacher training. As I had eight years of experience working in schools, I felt that I would benefit from taking the salaried route and being responsible for my classes from the get go. It was very hard jumping in the deep end and my mentor and KMT were very supportive. If I ever needed any help or was feeling overwhelmed I knew there would be people from LAT and KMT who would be happy to listen and give me advice. If I couldn’t do my teacher training with LAT, I don’t think I would have done it at all. LAT and KMT provided me with great training opportunities to improve my teaching and my potential.

Science Trainee Teacher

My year with LAT and KMT has been fantastic. I felt welcomed from the very first phone call and would recommend anyone to relax and be themselves throughout the selection process. The workload has been heavy but manageable – there is always someone on hand to provide you with support. KMT have been fantastic with ensuring student teachers are happy. The most rewarding part is the recognition you receive – when you finally get an outstanding lesson, the feeling is amazing. It’s such a positive year and one you won’t regret! I’m 100% ready for my NQT year. I have no doubt it will be challenging but I know I’ll be supported.

Business Studies Trainee Teacher

I had no idea that I would end up being a teacher. Right after I completed my BEng, I was confused about my career path. I was recommended to pursue teaching at one of the LAT’s schools. The whole interview process was quick and easy. During the whole process of selection, the most important thing was that I did not have to worry about KMT or which school I will be joining. They chose the best school for me and my details were passed onto KMT, the process was quite simple and easy after that. I was offered a conditional offer and I was communicated effectively throughout. Teaching is hard, loads of pressure and long hours of work but weekly training and observations from KMT helped me improve significantly. What I loved about LAT and KMT is that they saw the potential in me and believed in me, I would’ve given up long back if that wasn’t the case. Even though I was a trainee teacher with no background of teaching, I still felt valued at my school and have had so many opportunities to excel in my career as a teacher. A huge thank you to LAT and KMT for empowering me and showing me my potential.

Computer Science Trainee Teacher

When it came to deciding where to complete my teacher training year, there was no competition for me. Having worked within the Leigh Academies Trust previously, I knew I was going to get the very best opportunities and support. The KMT programme is well designed, making the most of new technologies and providing quality training delivered by passionate and experienced teachers within their respective fields. The training is intense and requires you to manage your time effectively, but you never feel alone on your journey. There is always someone to talk to – you really do build a family within your KMT cohort. The COVID-19 outbreak really tested everyone’s resilience and adaptability this year, however, both the LAT and KMT stepped up and provided incredible support and direction at a time that was both worrying and stressful for everyone. Choosing to train at the LAT and KMT has been the best decision of my career, and I am proud to be a KMT graduate and a LAT teacher.

Primary Trainee Teacher