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There are a number of routes into teaching including School Direct, University-led or Teach First – we know it can be difficult deciding which one is best for you.  At Leigh Academies Trust, we support trainee teachers on all routes, but due to the following benefits we would recommend the majority of trainees to follow the School Direct route;

  •   School Direct offers more practical, hands-on training
  •   You get the chance to work with experienced teachers throughout your entire training year
  •   You immediately immerse yourself into school life
  •   You quickly become an active member of the community
  •   You get the chance to build long-lasting relationships with your colleagues and fellow trainee teachers

School Direct teacher training: more information

The School Direct route splits down further into two options; a salaried and non-salaried route.

Bursary/non-salaried route

This route is suitable for the vast majority of trainees who haven’t had much exposure to education and would benefit from easing themselves into the programme.  You aren’t directly employed by your school but are still very much an integral part of the team.  Tuition fees are covered by the trainee and we can provide support when applying to Student Finance if necessary.  Depending on the subject you will be teaching and your Degree, you may be eligible for bursary funding – click here to find out more about the bursaries available.  On this route, you are never on your own in the classroom, even when you build up your confidence and experience, as a qualified teacher works with you throughout the training year.

Salaried route

This option is available for experienced candidates who have a minimum of 3 years work experience outside of any university studies and in most cases, a minimum of 6 months working directly in a classroom.  You’ll be employed directly by an academy and receive a salary as an unqualified teacher, and the school will also cover your tuition fees.  In return, you will be required to teach up to a 60% weekly timetable on a ‘solo’ basis from the very beginning of the training year, i.e you will be the only responsible adult in the classroom.

Both routes offer the same high quality level of support, mentoring and outcome. 

Throughout the School Direct programme you will have access to training delivered in person by industry experts and experienced teachers, and a number of specific mentors to help you along the journey. You will also be part of a much wider cohort of trainees and experts who will provide a supportive network throughout your training year and beyond.

We work in partnership with Kent & Medway Training to provide all School Direct teacher training courses.