Climbing the recruitment career ladder, one rung at a time

Portrait of cheerful businesswoman smiling at the meeting

After completing my A Levels in 2017, I didn’t quite know what career I wanted to pursue. Leaving school and heading into the working world was daunting, so when I came across an apprenticeship position I knew that this was the perfect opportunity for me. This meant that I was able to learn, develop new skills and gain a qualification, all whilst having an income. 

I joined Leigh Academies Trust Head Office as their first apprentice in the role of Receptionist. This was when the Trust moved into their brand new, shiny offices connecting to Strood Academy –  I still remember my first task was to hand out everyone’s new badges, which was a great chance to become familiar with each department and put faces to a name.

Although my initial Receptionist position was fixed term, I knew I wanted to stay at LAT and was appointed as the Recruitment and HR Administrator. The skills and knowledge that I gained through my apprenticeship, as well as the new found confidence that I developed, was something that I could demonstrate to show that I would be a valuable asset to my new department. My manager has been with me from the very start of my journey with the Trust, and a piece of advice that I will always keep is that we should be doing at least 10% of the job senior to us – this is something that continues to be motivational to me. Working as the administrator, I will always remember the first teacher I resourced and placed in one of our academies; sitting alongside a Principal on the panel, realising how much my input has made a difference. Celebrating these milestones is what has motivated me along the way to where I am now. 

Now, after almost 5 years of working with the Trust, I am a Recruitment Coordinator; leading the recruitment for our Dartford and Medway academies. When I look back at my career, each step along the way has been pivotal to the place where I am now. Even in my receptionist role, making teas and coffees for visitors is something that helps me talk on the phone each day with candidates and hiring managers, as it grew my confidence and helped me form relationships with different members of staff throughout the Trust.

I know that my career doesn’t stop here. As the saying goes ‘if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know how to get there?’ My manager and I work together to ensure that I am setting myself goals along the way to make sure that I am working towards the level that I aspire to be.